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Hi, my name is Javier Alcaraz

Professional pianist specialized in entertaining any type of event. I have worked as an accompanying pianist, a contracted musician in professional bands of different musical styles, director, producer and opera actor, arranger and composer.
Graduate in the specialty of musical pedagogy at the Superior Conservatory of Music of Murcia Manuel Massotti Littel, Spain.
I have dedicated myself for more than 10 years to education as a music teacher, and also worked as a trainer and accompanying pianist for entrance exams both in professional and higher conservatories.
I have developed my own style from the combination of my classical education and my passion for jazz and modern music.
After years of preparation, work and professional experience in different parts of Spain, I decided to move to Dublin, known for its rich musical tradition, with the intention of learning English while developing my career as a pianist in this country. Here in Dublin I have created a new brand, The Dublin Pianist. An idea that arises with the intention of making myself known as a pianist in the city.


Any situation in which you want to enjoy the elegance and magic of the piano.

Restaurants - Hotels

Are you looking for a pianist to accompany your local dinners? Amenization to create an even warmer atmosphere. A night of cocktails in a piano bar, a romantic dinner with relaxing music in the background. Whether for day-to-day or special moments, a pleasant piano session will turn any situation into an unbeatable evening. Feel free to get in touch for more information.


Any moment in the most important day of your life, it will be recorded in the mind along with a sweet melody. With more than 10 years of wedding experience, let me advise you in the selection for your perfect soundtrack. Music at the ceremony, cocktail, lunch or dinner. Feel free to get in touch for more information.

Privates events

Would you like a live piano for the party you are preparing? Tell us your idea. Birthdays, anniversaries, conferences, lunches and dinners, basically any situation in which you want to enjoy the elegance and magic of the piano. Feel free to get in touch for more information.

Portable Grand Piano

Imagine a Grand Piano anywhere


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Hello, do you need a Pianist?

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